Loudspeakers of Media

In today's media scenario, there are many loudspeakers, it is now not dominated by one or two or three institutions. So, there is no possibility for uniformity in media voice. Each loudspeaker has own voice, guided by own player system. We can't judge any issue from taking only one or two references, it is not the era of Doordarshan.
The politics and its manifestations vary according to the time, era, generation, crisis and challenges. Texture and taste of government in truedemocracy are exact reflection of people who actively engage in political participation. Today, people are fed up with corrupt practices, lots of layers of rhetorics, red-tapism...,...., etc. They have chosen their government. This new regime must act as they promised to do. It would not be fair to compare two government working styles in a same breath.
We, the people, of India, have no patience to give even some time to AAP for judgement having their manifasto in hands, but We want that AAP guys should have patience to deal with any issue. What is wrong with sms politics...? You want democracy only in the intervals of 5 years....come on...! Participatory politics is always good for true democracy. Actually, We have become habitual to witness and experience the same sort of politics.
Yes, AAP guys should be criticised if they use rough language, if they don't respect our constitution. But firstly, We have to clearly check the facts and make proper research over the issue, because right now parties belongs to old, corrupt establishment have their stake and hold on larger part of the media, so it is not possible to find exact reporting most of the times.
I don't see, they are demanding any bad thing, They are struggling for accountability. If, Delhi police, running under central government is not ready to take responsibilty...so who would take that responsibility..? Is accountability not an essential element in democracy...?
We must give some time to them. They are doing their best with their imperfections, but still their record of deliveries is far better than any other parties of India in a given time.

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